Episode 8: Man In The Mirror; President Elect

President Elect stands in front of mirror: " Well, it's the sixteen day home stretch until I rule America.  No more sharing the role, transitioning the role, mocking the role plain and simple, just get ready for my ascendancy!  Yes, I know things that others in the U.S. government and security agencies are not aware of from abroad.  My many business relationships around the globe allow for me to have access to highly secure privileged information that sometimes is government protected from other countries.  My team and I are preparing to shock The System!  Yes, 'The System' that I have mastered! A football legend,  an explicit talking, chair throwing basketball coach, and a former Super Bowl Champion linebacker are a few on hand at my preliminary Inaugural Celebration on January 19.  On my inaugural day, Rockettes will do their duty for the Commander in Chief and lyrics will sound loudly from the West rockin' Pennsylvania Avenue hip hop style to my Get-Right posse! Meanwhile, I have a new pen being designed for me to re-write and rebuke starting January 21, 2017!"

Mirror: "Manipulate"

President Elect in front of the mirror: "Manipulate is exactly what I intend to do during my term as the Commander in Chief of the United States of America!  Manipulate is M.O.!"

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