Black People Need to Change Their Ways!

There should come a time when customs evolve in all cultures.  This writer can write about the Black Experience since I've been Afro-American all my life.  Just the words Black versus Afro-American still raises eyebrows in our culture.  Black and Afro-American is a prime example of evolving...CHANGE within a culture.  Change tends to welcome questions, uncertainty and even sometimes fear to people. One has to believe CHANGE is necessary for growth in all aspects of life.  Change is adaptation which is a dynamic cannamazing process!

Well adaptation is definitely needed in the Black/Afro-American community in regards to the medical cannabis industry. The majority of Black/Afro-American people are hesitant to accept cannabis as a natural healing medicine.  The years of negative propaganda revolving around cannabis has caused the Black/Afro-American community to be confused or completely biased in a negative manner towards cannabis as a medicine.  This attitude needs to CHANGE! 

People, not just Black/Afro-American people are dying every second because of a life threatening disease that could have been treated and sometimes cured by using a form of cannabis. 

A real life story... I stopped by to see a mentor/friend who has been ill for quite a few months now.  My mentor has the best care from the best doctors at one of the best facilities in Southern Cal, Cedars Sinai. For the past few months, I've observed his health go from 80% to 50% in less than five months due to pharmaceuticals.  So naturally, I being a natural medicine BELIEVER suggested to the family to try natural medicine... I said, " Try cannabis since the 25 pills a day of pharmaceuticals isn't working!"  I implied the medication was breaking his body down slowly.  

Wow, you talking about being escorted to the front door.  I was asked to leave and not to ever return to see my mentor/friend, a man who I love like a father.  I know this man is strong and definitely not ready to leave this world, but he has expressed to me he feels so weak.  In my opinion, my mentor is so weak, he cannot express to his family that he is READY for a CHANGE in medication.  After not being able to sleep regularly at night plus not feeling his body re-gain strength is causing him to lose HOPE and his family does not even recognize it!

Black people need to change their ways! 

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