Cannabis Talk Show LIVE is an organic media production company educating, informing and entertaining viewers about the billion dollar cannabis industry.  Although cannabis is the primary topic at CTS LIVE, other topics of interest such as community, arts, entertainment, fashion, fitness & health, meditation, politics, sports, world news, and yoga are all areas CTS LIVE will discuss on the show plus share stories on our website and blog.

Cannabis Talk Show LIVE includes a Spanish segment in the show to reach our Spanish speaking viewers called Cannabis Talk Show LIVE Espanol.  

Development of Cannabis Talk Show LIVE Espanol is under way aggressively to bring the education, information and entertainment to our Spanish speaking viewers.


We are a production company that SUPPORTS the cannabis industry! 

We are a diamond in the rough production company getting better with every LIVE show because of your ENERGY, LOVE & SUPPORT!

We are a production company conscious of OUR world around US.

We are a production company that may not be for YOU…YOU decide!

We are a production company who believes in LOVE, PEACE & UNITY for ALL!