Fitness & Fun Team

join the Cannabis Talk Show LIVE Fitness & Fun Team by simply joining us for a session of exercise and fun on the beautiful beaches of Southern California! We rise early to get our jog in on the sand; then we form the CTS LIVE Stretch Circle. You will absolutely LOVE the CTS LIVE Fitness & Fun Team...We have yoga instructors leading yoga, nutritionists giving us pointers to stay ACTIVE & HEALTHY by feeding our bodies fresh organic fruits and vegetables, drinking alkaline water, and practicing the "positive thought syndrome" 24/7!

If you are interested in joining one of the CTS LIVE Fitness & Fun sessions...Email us A CTS LIVE crew member will email you the details of the session. The details of the CTS LIVE Fitness & Fun session will include beach location, time & any special instructions. 

See you on the sand!

Get ready to get in shape, have fun & SUPPORT as YOU handle your business, taking care of your BODY, MIND & SOUL!