Annual Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition Ignites Los Angeles

Los Angeles was ignited for the 4th Annual Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition at the Los Angeles Convention Center this week.  The CWBE Team produced another cannamazing experience for new and veteran cannabis attendees.  

For the newbies, the CWBE provided the complete spectrum of the cannabis industry from seed to sale, accounting, merchandising, distribution, legal, staffing, security, finance, workshops and seminars from experts in the cannabis industry.

Seasoned veterans of the cannabis industry were treated to cannamazing new evolving technology of the industry along with the enhancing workshops and seminars from many of their peers in the industry.

With representation from Canada and China, the CWBE created the International Pavilion  This area will continue to grow as the CWBE opens the door for the USA Cannabis Industry to collaborate with the World Cannabis Industry!

Icing on the cake at this year's CWBE was DIVERSITY!  Yes, the seminars and workshops included many topics and areas of discussion for diversity in the cannabis industry.  

Hands in the air, thumbs up, high five and a chest bump, the 4th Annual Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition was cannamazing!

If you missed the opportunity to attend this year, then mark your calendar today for the 5th Annual Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition - Los Angeles September 26-29, 2018!

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Seattle HempFest Announces Cannamazing Partnership!

Seattle HEMPFEST® Partners with HD Analytics for increased Consumer Advocacy 


SEATTLE -- With many reports of improper testing and labeling in the Washington state cannabis industry, (1) recent intervention from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (2) and whistleblowers calling for product recalls (3), Seattle HEMPFEST is partnering with HD Analytics to increase consumer advocacy and open/fair/ethical standards to cannabis product testing and labeling.


Seattle HEMPFEST is working directly with industry watchdogs like Dr. Jim MacRae to ensure fair and open testing which, combined with a customer advocacy campaign, should help restore trustable labeling to the industry, and truly safe products to recreational and medical consumers in Washington state. 


“In keeping with HEMPFEST’s community values model, we are expanding our mission to include quality assurance in an effort to protect the best interests of the patient and recreational cannabis community,” says Cyril Bouanna, Seattle HEMPFEST board member nd project manager.  “Safe, quality cannabis and cannabis products are an essential component of the legal recreational and medical markets.”






Please contact us at for more information.


The 26th annual Seattle HEMPFEST “protestival” will feature four stages of political speech and musical support (featuring roughly 200 guest speakers and musical performances). In addition, HEMPFEST boasts more than 350 arts, crafts, food, and informational vendors, a gigantic “circus tent” with panel discussions, and on Main Stage Saturday, an hour-long indigenous tribute to the Standing Rock struggle in North Dakota.                 


2017 Seattle HEMPFEST is scheduled for Friday Noon - 8 p.m., Saturday and Sun, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Aug. 18, 19, 20 at Myrtle Edwards Park and Centennial Park, Pier 70.

There is a $10sSuggested donation for the event.



A Cannabis Conversation with Los Angeles Police Officers

You never know who you just may have lunch with on a sunny day in Southern California when dining outside on the patio at a local eatery.  Today, I had an unexpected lunch with two Los Angeles Police Officers and it was cannamazing! The conversation was definitely about the cannabis industry in Los Angeles.  Our conversation could have lasted for hours on end, but of course the officers received a work related call that ended our cannamazing conversation.  Let me share just a bit of our conversation piece in this blog...

While waiting for my car to be serviced at a local garage near the USC campus, I decided to have lunch at one of the eateries on Figueroa Blvd. With such a beautiful day in So Cal, I decided to dine on the patio. Minutes after I had sat down, two police officers came out to the patio to dine also.  The two officers needed seating, so I suggested a table for two next to me.  I was wearing a Cannabis Talk Show LIVE tee shirt proudly as I ate my cannamazing salad!  The officers had sat down and started to enjoy their lunch as well... All of a sudden, I broke the grub session and intervened with a question to the police officers.  My question to the officers, " Since the cannabis movements towards legalization, do you think crime has decreased or increased in Los Angeles?  The response from the officers did surprise me... The common answer from both officers was that it depends on the geographical areas of Los Angeles.  For almost an hour we enjoyed a lengthy conversation about the cannabis industry in Los Angeles.  The officers shared some cannamazing information with me, so the next time you have the opportunity to have a candid conversation with law enforcement, DO NOT HESITATE, as a matter of fact, start the conversation and just let it flow... Oh yeah, DO NOT FORGET TO let law enforcement know your APPRECIATION for their work to PROTECT and SERVE!

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Entertainment Review: TRANSITION

Transition, is a live 90 minute theatrical comedy about the famous, November 10, 2016 meeting of President Obama and then President Elect, Donald Trump in the Oval Office. If you ever thought of the phrase, “I would love to be the fly on the wall”, then Transition is the perfect theatrical choice for you and yours!

Harry S Murphy, a seasoned artist of the big screen and television has mastered his role as Donald Trump in Transition. His mannerisms and verbiage will keep you engaged in the long one scene play.

Joshua Wolf Coleman, an artist loving the live theater plays the role as Barack Obama.  Joshua’s detail to character generates the ‘Yes We Can’ tone throughout the play.  Joshua is amazing!

Trevor Alkazian portrays a Presidential aide.  Trevor’s character’s name is Randall.  Randall a young college graduate enjoys his job as the President’s right hand aide.

Both main characters, Harry S. Murphy and Joshua Wolf Coleman do an excellent job with the political and non-political jokes and satire like conversation.  Mocking Donald Trump’s lack of education, and campaign pledges are the play’s highlights with the history and political favoritism slanting towards Joshua Wolf Coleman’s character, Barack Obama!

This political comedy was written by Ray Richmond, directed by Lee Costello and produced by Raquel Lehrman.

Transition is now playing at the Lounge Theater located at 6201 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90038.  The political comedy runs through Sunday, April 16.  Regular show times: Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. Sundays Matinee at 3:00 p.m.

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BET Networks presents the New Edition Story

Can You Stand the Rain was playing loud on Hollywood Boulevard when thousands of the New Edition fans turned out to support the group's STAR on Hollywood Boulevard in Tinsel Town yesterday.  Later that evening the liquid sunshine in Hollywood California didn't hamper the all out festivities presented by BET Networks to premier the iconic New Edition Story to an over flowing crowd at a screening theater on the Paramount Studios lot.

BET Networks set the stage for the iconic evening with members of the cast strolling the red carpet and sharing their stories about the cannamazing production.  New Edition original members enjoyed the love and admiration from the cast and the many fans who were invited to the 'Invite Only' screening.  During the screening, there were many signs of 'going down memory lane' from the audience and cheers of the well produced work of art.

Producer, Jesse Collins expressed, "Fans will see the rise from the beginning in Boston 1978 to a lot of the 'good and bad, the fights, the drama and the LOVE to about the year 2006."  

Writer, Abdul Williams says, "It took ten years to write... not the norm." 

Well, the decade of writing of the New Edition Story will be aired starting tonight on BET.  The mini series will be aired for three consecutive nights.  

Get the popcorn, hot wings, salsa/chips and other favorite dips ready for the iconic story of New Edition!


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