New Annual Cannabis Conference in Southern California

This week CannMed 2019 sponsored by Medicinal Genomics and EPM debuted in Pasadena, California.

It was a cannamazing two day conference featuring medical professionals, science professionals and expert cannabis cultivators delivering revelations of the evolution of cannabis.

The attendees were rewarded with one on one conversations with these cannamazing presenters while absorbing the information to utilize and expand their knowledge in the cannabis space.

The exhibit floor was filled with a wide variety of cannabis CBD products and cannabis services for the attendees to explore and enjoy.

 The networking opportunities proved to be exceptional for all in attendance at the inaugural CannMed 2019 conference and expo.

Add this cannamazing annual event to your cannabis portfolio so you will receive the updates, medical and scientific quality information about the cannabis industry.

See you next year at CannMed 2020!

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