CannaKids, Where There is Breath, There is Hope!

The glittery cannamazing feelings of the holidays spirit still lingers in the air after a winter wonderland in the California mountains.  Snow angels, snowballs, snowman, hot chocolate, vegan chili, turkey chili and lots of desserts made for a festive 2 day atmosphere for many cannabis lovers and a couple of CannaKid families!  Of course, it would have been cannamazing to have more CannaKids and their parents join the winter wonderland extravaganza, but the challenges of some of the CannaKids are so over whelming that it makes committing to events very difficult for their families.

So many times we take for granted our health and capabilities to walk, run, play, laugh without pain, sleep without pain, eat without digestion problems, swim, ride horses, enjoy sleep-overs, or just to play in the snow... Well, think of the CannaKids and their families who are not able to enjoy all the cannamazing joys of the winter during the most festive season of the year! 

Where there is breath, there is HOPE for the CannaKids, a cannamazing motto for the CannaKids organization founded by Tracy Ryan.  Tracy knows first hand of the many challenges that families must endure when their child is diagnosed with a threatening terminal illness. When Western medicine sometimes only offers ways to heal by damaging or killing 'live cells',  a family must choose other options for healing their children with no or as minimal side effects and pain as possible for the child to endure. Who has the right to question the parents decision about their child's well being and medical choices?

Statistics indicate Caucasian families opt more for natural healing methods with cannabis than other ethnic groups.  More families should seek information from CannaKids to become educated on ways of healing your loved ones by using the magical remedies of cannabis.

Connect with CannaKids at  Remember, where there is breath, there is HOPE!

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