Episode 7: Man in the Mirror; President Elect

President Elect stands in front of mirror:  “My tweets, a visit from a rap star, my business empire, the First Daughter role overriding the First Lady’s role, violence worldwide, drone theft,  and now the talk of Nukes are consuming my holiday vacation.  My plate is full and there’s still 27 days until I’m in full control of leading the ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ for America.  It’s clear my influence has already gone into effect, causing a mid-east vote to halt, the stock market to climb, and rumbles of a trade war!  My team is preparing for the ghost date press conference to bring America up to date on my agenda… Although, it’s clear as glass, “I’m doing things my way!”

Mirror:  “Repent”

President Elect in front of mirror:  “Repent is not in my vocabulary!  As a youngster, my favorite game was BATTLESHIP!  My chess game developed in my older years as I began manipulating the system and building my brand… Repent?  No, let the games begin!”

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