Cannabis Industry Contributing to Communities

Since a large percentage of medical marijuana clinics are not-for-profit or non-profit organizations, the clinics are viable contributors to their surrounding communities.  Since federal laws prohibit the medical marijuana non-profits to donate to federal funded non-profit organizations, the rules may be different towards state funded non-profits organizations and services where medical marijuana is legal. The contributions from the medical marijuana clinics to other non profit community organizations can assist in many positive ways.

Housing programs, food banks, legal aid, youth and adult programs and services are all areas your local medical marijuana non-profit business can contribute.  The Cannabis businesses can also participate in community events.  There are several medical marijuana businesses that already contribute to their communities in major ways!  Community programs help make the community stronger while providing the residents of the community a positive, comfortable environment to reside.

So the next time you have a community event, contact your local medical marijuana business to participate and support your community event.  Cannabis can help make world a better place for all to enjoy and live life to its cannamazing fullest!

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