Episode 6: Man In The Mirror, President Elect

President Elect stands in front of the mirror: "Less than 39 days before I take the oath and it becomes official, I am the 45th President of the United States of America!  The protests and the recount of the votes have settled while my administration team choices continue to rattle the other side.  My legal team has had enough time to dissect the legalities of my cannamazing business empire as it pertains to me as the Commander in Chief of the USA... It seems I can remain in control of my empire while dictating to The People my methods of 'Making America Great Again'.  My off springs will operate daily operations of the empire with my silent loud input!  It did not make me happy for the union president to blow my cover of the 1000 jobs saved from the Carrier.  Okay it wasn't a 1000 jobs, but I needed to make myself look good, so I rounded off a little higher than I should have.  Hey, at least I spoke up for the over rated cost of the new Air Force 1's by Boeing.  No way will I allow a four billion contract for Boeing to build the aircraft when I just sold my Boeing stock earlier this year! We want Boeing to make money, but not that much money without me getting a piece of the pie. Ooh, sushi never tasted better than the 50,000 jobs I am responsible for from Japan! The Dreamers are wondering if they can dream in America after January 20, 2017?  I'm making moves all day and late into my nights as I prepare to conquer America.  No, I still don't hear the daily briefings, I have people handling that to keep me abreast of the important doo doo, so I can make the strategic moves. My tweets still agitate the media... Like I care!"

Mirror: "Etiquette"

President Elect in the mirror: "Did you just say, etiquette?  I have polished my appeal to The People.  My speeches are improving.  I admit I speak regularly to my counselor, the current Commander in Chief.  Yes, it's true I'm considering him as a member of the staff... Maybe, Educator in Chief or something with power status... we'll figure it out.  I know my 'Get Right' crew will cause a stir, but I continue to make the moves in the game... My bishops are still chillin'!"

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