Episode 10: Man In The Mirror; ThePresident Elect

President Elect stands in front of mirror:  "Yet another battle has started on the weekend of one of the world's greatest leaders.  I lose it!  I had a tweet rage.  Okay, I had another tweet rage.  A side of me takes over that I cannot control when a Black person ignites my ego.  I know it seems as though my 'Get Right' tendencies come to surface.  I am beside myself on this incident with one of our country's most respected civil rights leaders.  The pressures of Russia, my business empire, assets, and loyalty has been big challenges for me to overcome the past few days.  It's one issue after another that I'm confronted with daily to defend myself.  I am already labeled a venal politician by many Americans."

Mirror: "Benighted"

President Elect in the mirror: "I admit my lack of diversity and liberal arts wisdom is perceptible.  I am a work in progress for my new role, President of the United States of America.  I will continue to use my team to confront the media publicly to enforce my battles.  My way or the highway is still my mentality!"

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