BET Networks presents the New Edition Story

Can You Stand the Rain was playing loud on Hollywood Boulevard when thousands of the New Edition fans turned out to support the group's STAR on Hollywood Boulevard in Tinsel Town yesterday.  Later that evening the liquid sunshine in Hollywood California didn't hamper the all out festivities presented by BET Networks to premier the iconic New Edition Story to an over flowing crowd at a screening theater on the Paramount Studios lot.

BET Networks set the stage for the iconic evening with members of the cast strolling the red carpet and sharing their stories about the cannamazing production.  New Edition original members enjoyed the love and admiration from the cast and the many fans who were invited to the 'Invite Only' screening.  During the screening, there were many signs of 'going down memory lane' from the audience and cheers of the well produced work of art.

Producer, Jesse Collins expressed, "Fans will see the rise from the beginning in Boston 1978 to a lot of the 'good and bad, the fights, the drama and the LOVE to about the year 2006."  

Writer, Abdul Williams says, "It took ten years to write... not the norm." 

Well, the decade of writing of the New Edition Story will be aired starting tonight on BET.  The mini series will be aired for three consecutive nights.  

Get the popcorn, hot wings, salsa/chips and other favorite dips ready for the iconic story of New Edition!


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