Episode 9: Man In The Mirror; The President Elect

President Elect stands in front of mirror: "I've been up all night rehearsing this speech my writing staff has prepared for my long much awaited anticipated news conference in just about six hours from here at White House North - Manhattan.  You talk about crap hitting the fan... My Russian buddies might be turning on me!  I cannot let them beat me at my own game... No, not possible for me to be linked to become a compromising American alien citizen with Russia!  It's not suppose to happen this way so quickly... I'm being exposed in too many ways before I take the oath in only nine days!  I'm beginning to wonder, how long will I be the Commander in Chief of America? Six months?  I cannot let The People see me sweating like this... I have to recover from yet another cannamazing speech by the Yes We Can Man! Mirror, what am I to do?  Maybe this President gig is a bit over my head right now... The microscope, telescope heck every scope is 'ON' me right now and I'm being exposed."

Mirror: "Loyalty"

President Elect in the mirror:  "Loyalty" is not something I practice... I buy it! I know I have to convince The People that I will be loyal to America.  My loyalty is to 'Make America Great Again' while others think I and my team will 'Make America Sick Again'.  Only TIME will tell!"

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