Episode 4: Man in the Mirror, President Elect 2016

President Elect stands in front of mirror: "You know I'm bending a bit just a couple of weeks after the Electoral victory.  I'm building my team with people who will implement things I've shouted over the past 18 months. I am slowly eliminating myself as the 'bad guy' who may initiate untimely investigations, expedited immigration movements, reform health care and trash the global warning agreements.  I have to focus on making a significant mark quick and a jaw dropping act to show the compassionate side of me.  Only one person on my team knows of this dynamic move that I will unveil under my umbrella of 'Making America Great Again!'  Yes, he's back on the team... A strong candidate to lead my Urban Housing team.  I am building my signature penthouse style, luxury high rise residential/business landmarks in urban communities.  The residents will have jobs at the retail outlets and professional offices on the premises.  This will allow residents to enjoy working while also enjoying a stable, luxury living lifestyle environment in their communities.  All communities will become luxurious living!  Oh, we have a program to assist all states that have 'homeless' issues.  The programs will help establish the individuals who have been deprived of human living conditions.  I know people think I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth... I have been very lucky to have lived a wonderful life, actually a Cannamazing life!  I saw the word, 'Cannamazing' on the internet when I sent one of my famous tweets.  I like that word, 'Cannamazing! Getting back to the issues... I have sat down with the NY Times, I've given The People a video outlining my agenda during the first quarter in the White House, I've settled my real estate fraudulent school lawsuit, I'm making strides on securing my dynasty empire with my trust worthy chosen ones ONLY if not ME! I have a lot more to figure out now that I will be splitting my time living at White House North in Manhattan NY and the White House Pennsylvania Street.  The holidays are here and I have to plan my parties... Oh just think this time next year, I'll have the White House Pennsylvania all to myself and my Get-Right buddies!"

Mirror:  "EGO"

President Elect: "Ego... I told you this is a process... It takes time to cleanse a body like me who has been white washed most of my life!  I'm going through the transformation slowly.  I admitted again to the public my true sincere feelings about our current leader.  I jumped to conclusions, I didn't know him, I put my foot in my mouth!  I like him... You know, I attended a Presbyterian Church last week, another thing I have to adapt to, but I enjoyed the service.  I realize there are several regimens of the Presidency I have to adapt to and probably adhere to... a process." 

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