EPISODE 3: Man in the Mirror, President Elect 2016

President Elect stands in front of the mirror... "SMH, I guess they are finding out that I'm my own person!  I've run my empire like a chess game, I'm the KING and I move my PAWNS! I've told them that social media is a very effective way for me to connect with my millions of followers.  I just got like a hundred thousand more followers the other day! I'm the New Age President. The chaos continues with 34 scheduled protest today...34! This is just unheard of, it's all orchestrated. On top of that, not only do I have to appoint my staff, but I have to seriously consider my moves 12 days after my Inauguration Day. It's the month of February, Black History Month! I had a pawn for that situation, but he left the team. What African American church will I worship with during Black History Month in America? Maybe I'll start my crusade to meet the other leaders of the world during the month of February. Problem solved! OMG and this 'security clearance' issue is another move that I will make sure works in my favor. I got a chuckle last night as I ditched the media for dinner. You know...My way or the highway! It's my chess game mirror!"

Mirror responds, "Disenfranchised"

President Elect: "Disenfranchised? I've admitted I made some premature judgments and I will assure The People, especially the African-Americans that I will hold true on my words.  I am going 'to fix' things. It's not been my territory, but I plan to visit the African American and Latino communities to make sure The People of the communities know I will be a great President for all of America! I know I have to become much more flexible as the leader of our great country, the United States of America!"

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