Episode 2: Man in the Mirror, President Elect 2016

The President Elect looks into the mirror... "Here we go again mirror.  It's been 5 days with people protesting in major cities of the country.  I don't get it.  These protests are instigated by the media.   Yeah, I know the people want to know if I regret the way I ran my campaign... But I do not!  I did a great job.  I'm proud of the results.  I won and I won big!  Mirror, the people don't know me.  I'm a very sober person.  I'm committed to the things I said during my campaign.  There will be changes, revisions and some things will go back to their state.  Some people may have to move to another state that suits them better. You know mirror, I have to hold it all together... I mean just my security alone is costing me a fortune this week because of these people protesting surrounding my building! Trump Tower is a landmark, a very busy establishment.  These protests are getting the in the way of my process to' make America great again'!  I mean mirror c'mon, I'm taking a $1 a year salary for this job as President... If I didn't have you to vent my frustrations and get the answers, then I would absolutely lose it.  OMG, and the hours of this job, is never ending!  Mirror, how am I going to keep it together?"

Mirror responds, "HUMILITY"

"Humility, me? No mirror, I am not that type of a person.  I have an image to uphold and humility is not part of the agenda... This job is already stretching me out of my comfort zone!"

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