Episode 5: Man In The Mirror, President Elect 2016

President Elect stands in front of the mirror: "A recount of the votes...really?  First the protests now the Green Party filing for a recount while 'hate crimes' continue across the country!  I tweeted to The People, I was working on Thanksgiving for America and enjoying my lavish gourmet dinner.  I know it's different for The People to have a President that is a billionaire with so many assets around the world. It's a conflict of interest that America has never had to deal with and it's causing an uproar.  It's no doubt, I will make more money now than ever before that's why it's key I have the right players around me...worldwide!  It's been hard to hide my visiting foreign business associates to White House North on 5th Avenue.  I have found a way to improve my dialogue to The People since I will never be able to speak as eloquent as my 52 Day counselor, but with my video presentations, I'm able to read the cue cards then the magic in post production with editing makes me look like a guy who took at least one liberal arts course in school. Now I have another issue on the plate... The People are wondering my actions in the coming months to Cuba. No more turkeys on the table... This week I will make more announcements of members on my team moving forward." 

Mirror: "POLISH"

President Elect in the mirror: "Polish, yeah that's exactly what I've been doing these past few days... I must polish my anxiety and reactions to The People and the media.  I must not let them see me sweat, but as my 52 Day counselor has stated... REALITY may cause me to change my moves on a lot of things.  I may not only need my pawns, but I may have to move my knights to protect my castles!"

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