Mary+Jane Review

The Cannabis World was anxious to support the new Pilot, Mary+Jane picked up by MTV Networks which debuted on Labor Day at 10:00 p.m. (EST).  The Cannabis Talk Show LIVE Crew gathered together to tune in to a much anticipated Cannabis show on a major network for the public to enjoy!  Applauds to MTV to lead the way… Congratulations to Executive Producers, Snoop Dogg and Ted Chung (Merry Jane Founders) for getting the nod on the pilot.

Mary+Jane is definitely catering to the recreational side of the Cannabis Industry, while also appealing to the 15-25 year old age group based on the first episode.  Although, the show opens with a disclaimer, we all know teenagers (sometimes younger) age groups watch MTV!  Episode 1 was filled with sexual references, profanity, and the cut-throat competition of the Cannabis Industry.

Mary+Jane’s debut episode failed to develop Jordan and Paige, the primary characters of the series.  This leads the viewer to a lack of where did the conception to run a Cannabis delivery service with no background of their previous job history?

References were made by Paige that she was planning to try Event Planning, but the other character Jordan only says she has put her everything into the “Pot delivery service”.   There are no scenes showing how they created the business or their clientele for their delivery service.  You are left to assume maybe they come from wealthy families. 

Jordan makes the mistake of sleeping with a Patient/customer during a delivery… While Paige is recovering from a broken relationship with a popular graffiti artist. 

Another character, Rob the Pot Holder is the girl’s biggest competition in episode 1.  The goal is to become part of Weeder LA’s, The Green 15 List, which are the 15 best cannabis services in the city.  We have to assume The Green 15 list are both delivery services and brick and mortar cannabis businesses.

The highlights of episode 1 was Rob, the Pot Holder falling out of the Weeder’s LA Green 15 because his celebrity endorsement was a fake/fraud, Jordan excited to take over the Pot Holder’s position on the Green 15 list and Paige experiencing “rebound sex”,then of course hearing from her ex-boyfriend!

 Episode 2 is already laid out for the viewer as Jordan and Paige will have more competition to challenge their path to Weeder LA’s Green 15 list!

Overall, the Cannabis Talk Show Live Crew gives Episode 1 of Mary+Jane a thumbs up for the Recreational Cannabis industry, but for the Medicinal Cannabis Industry, Mary+Jane gets a thumbs down!

The positive momentum of the Cannabis Industry has been because of the medicinal benefits to Patients.  It is tough to persuade the non-supporters of the Cannabis Industry with the comedy shows shown to capture large viewing numbers opposed to focusing on shows that may help lift the Schedule 1 tag on the “magic plant”, CANNABIS! Especially during an ELECTION year!

MTV Networks has paved the way for other networks to pick up a Cannabis Pilot.  There is a lot of diversity of Cannabis shows that have completed production that will open the eyes of the viewers to help educate and advance the positive movements of the Cannabis Industry!


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