Cannabis World Congress Business Exposition Los Angeles Review

The Cannabis World Congress Business Exposition concluded Friday at the Los Angeles Convention Center with another Cannamazing turnout of people supporting this booming industry!  Cannabis companies from all over the world presented their products and services to the well-attended Cannabis business event.   Most of the workshops were filled to capacity, while the KEYNOTES were standing room only with over flow rooms to accommodate the attendees.

Keynote speakers were Montel Williams, inspirational speaker and advocate for patients worldwide and Ted Chung, Businessman also Co-Founder of MERRY JANE. 

Singer/Songwriter, Cannabis advocate, Melissa Etheridge was the guest moderator for a session on CTE, Concussion & CBD featuring a panel of retired professional athletes, doctors and research specialists.

Montel Williams owned the stage as he engaged the attendees with his address about this miraculous plant, this miraculous medicine!  Montel emphasized the importance of producing the best organic cannabis to the patients while also keeping it real talking about the popular “dab scene”.  Montel made a gesture about his 82 year old mother “Isn’t dabbing!”  Indicating it is important for the Cannabis industry to continue to produce this medicine in different forms safely for patients to benefit and heal their bodies.

Another key issue Montel addressed was the disparity in diversity in the Cannabis Industry.  Over 98% of the attendees at the CWCBE were Caucasian.  Montel indicated he hopes the industry will diversify more soon.

The much anticipated address by Ted Chung was short, innovative and direct to the attendees which included a Power Point presentation of his vision for MERRY JANE.  With Ted’s business knowledge, relationships globally, relationships in the entertainment industry and trusted relationships with artists give instant hope to the Cannabis Industry community that mainstream corporations will start to “do business” with the Cannabis Industry.

A Cannamazing announcement in the Cannabis Industry at the CWCBE was AFLAC joining the Cannabis Industry to provide insurance benefits to Cannabis businesses with 3 or more employees… This business venture was spearheaded by Ted Chung’s team at MERRY JANE!

AFLAC plans to roll out an aggressive marketing campaign to the Cannabis Industry… Quack, quack!

During the session Melissa Etheridge moderated discussing CTE, concussions and CBD, the attendees heard first hand from former professional athletes who gave their testimony. 

Cannabis in the sports world will have its challenges because of the endorsements and sponsors.  The “brand” cannot be tarnished in any manner because the “brand” may lose sponsors… MONEY!

However, it is promising to know the professional teams are recognizing the research behind Cannabis and will continue open dialogue amongst the player’s unions to make sure everything is in the best interest of the players to keep the “brand” ALIVE!

ALIVE is the perfect word for the Cannabis World Congress Business Exposition Team.  The CWCBE Team was alive and dedicated for another Cannamazing year in Los Angeles! 

The Cannabis World Congress Business Exposition comes to New York, New York annually in June and travels to Los Angeles, California annually in September.

See you in 2017!

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