There are speculations of a new Cannabis Power Plant Fitness Center coming soon to San Francisco, California.  One of the primary owners is former NFL cannamazing runningback, Ricky Williams.  Ricky has been a major cannabis advocate for years and has expressed his passion to continue educating himself and others about this miraculous plant.  During his journey in the cannabis industry, Ricky has stay connected to fitness by making appearances and participating in the 420 Games founded by former snowboarder, Jim McAlpine.  Two athletes meet and instantly a vision to give the public the first cannabis allowed fitness center in the United States of America! Wow, cannamazing!

Ricky think twice before making this investment.  Will the gym become a social gym instead of focusing on your workouts? How long will the average client stay at the facility?  It's a given, the gym will offer 'extras' such as massages, hot bubble baths, private rooms (trouble) and edible/juice bar for a generous cost.  Most people want to relax and unwind after a workout, I get it... But isn't the relaxation better after a shower or a soothing bubble bath? Isn't the best place for this cannamazing treatment at home?  A fitness center offering a cannabis lounge or freedom to medicate anywhere in the facility seems a fulfillment of someone's else's dream on an investor's dollar!  Ricky, think twice!

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