Status Quo Is The Benchmark For The Cannabis Industry

From the outside looking inside of the cannabis industry, one could assume African Americans in the cannabis industry endorsing products are a part of your 'status quo' individuals.  The 'status quo' individual(s) has a self contained brand in which to build and prosper. Basic marketing strategies in the cannabis industry are the same as in any other business striving for success.  Popularity translates into numbers; numbers convert to dollars!  Therefor, it is extremely important to attach your product or service to the 'status quo' individuals in order to piggy back off of their branded name.

It's ironic the majority of the 'status quo' individuals acting as a spokesperson in the cannabis industry are African Americans or other people of color. The 'status quo' individuals are endorsing everything in the industry from soil, nutrients, software, recreational facilities, recreational activities, farms/grow facilities, flowers, concentrates and so on... the list goes on...  The face on the label, the name on the product or service and guest appearances at events contributes to the popularity of that particular brand which converts into dollars and success.  This is cannamazing for a start-up business in any industry... Again, basic marketing strategies.

Another group of 'status quo' individuals are the pioneers and specialists of the cannabis industry.  These individuals come from all backgrounds of life and the world with the same passion... LOVE for cannabis!  These individuals have sacrificed time, energy, finances, and risk to manifest the cannabis industry. Most of these individuals are the EXPERTS, speakers, cannabis consultants, business owners, investment leaders, policy writers, activists, and the list goes on...

And so with all that has been written above, it is safe to assume that in the cannabis industry, YOU can become a 'status quo' individual!

Bring your already existing talents to the cannabis industry.  Grow, prosper be HAPPY and feel CANNAMAZING!

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