Will the Minority Vote Affect Prop 64 in California?

Presidential candidates know the importance of the minority voters during elections.  This year Californians will find out how important the minority vote maybe when turning out to vote for Prop 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA). There has been no promotions for Prop 64 in the African American communities and very little in the Latino communities to explain the pros and cons of the proposition. The only visible presence to reach the minority communities has been seen on local television networks while little community outreach for the measure has been done in the communities.

It seems the minority vote may not be the only vote affecting the passing of Prop 64.  There are several cannabis activists, doctors, patients, lawyers, business owners and other Cannabis organizations opposing the 62 page proposition.  

Well, in 10 days Californians will decide the future of the billion dollar cannabis industry not just for Californians, but to pave the way for the remaining states to follow... The domino affect to the MAX!

Footnote: Prop 64: AUMA had a budget over 14 million dollars to spend on advertisement and community outreach.

How much of those dollars were spent with minority media companies or minority community events?

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