Consumers of Cannabis

A poll taken in 2015 reveled there are about 266 million people who experience cannabis at least once a year which equals to about four percent of the world's population.  In the United States of America the percentage of people who use cannabis is about 14%.  With the rise of many states in the USA making cannabis legal for medical and recreational purposes, Cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses are finding there is a cannamazing over flow of cannabis consumers from all backgrounds and walks of life!

New cannabis products are created on such a regular basis now, the consumer has many choices and applications to choose and experience.  These products are being created by individuals who love cannabis and have developed the knowledge to create the MAGICAL products in all forms. This is the cannamazing beauty of 'God's Gift', cannabis! 

Consumers of cannabis are everywhere in all communities, so YES it is important to allow each community to develop cannabis businesses to serve the cannabis consumers in their own neighborhoods owned an operated by people of their neighborhood!

However, this writer discourages any person of color to work in a Cannabis Collective/Dispensary due to the existing federal laws. Federal agents can openly walk into any Cannabis Collective/Dispensary unannounced seize your products, monies, cell phones and other items related to the business where you are working.  While the place of business is under siege, you are arrested... receive a felony (over an ounce on premises) intent to sell among other charges... It's not worth your FREEDOM and the scar on your record!

Not working in a public Cannabis business by choice would resemble a boycott demonstration. This type of act is also a silent demonstration... If people of color aren't visible in the Cannabis industry, would the rate of federal raids increase or decrease?   Would the 'Black Market' continue to grow as it already is today?  Just food for thought...

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