Movie Review: Dope

Dope: The Movie

By: CTS LIVE Intern

In a world where college acceptance letters reign supreme over High School senior’s lives, there is hope for one unique individual from Inglewood, California…Malcolm. Not the typical narrative most of us would expect from a young, black boy coming straight out of the hood. But Malcolm is as far from the word typical as the audience learns pretty quickly in this Blockbuster dramady. This Harvard hopeful stands proudly at the top of his class with an unblemished record of straight A’s throughout his four years at a public school. Just like most students their age, Malcolm and his two friends Jib and Diggy, have trouble finding their niche amongst a generation they feel is not their own. Decked out in 90’s hip hop attire, equipped with high top fades, and retro styled t-shirts, Malcolm and his crew were well dressed to be stand-ins at an MC Hammer video shoot. Craving the acceptance of the popular crowd, Malcolm, Jib, and Diggy attend a birthday party hosted by the local drug dealer Malcolm befriends while on his way home one day after school. Little does Malcolm know, what accidentally happens at this party would shape his character forever and stamp his acceptance into Harvard’s school of higher education.

With an enthusiastic, youthful cast, this group of hipsters come together to put an amazing film out to the public. Various rappers make cameos such as A$AP Rocky, Casey Veggies, and Tyga just to name a few. We even get a brief stint of the beautiful young model, Chanel Iman in the movie. Overall, the movie was a great film. All young people are encouraged to see Dope, a movie that can inspire the lives of many young adults. The movie shows that everybody who is a product of their environment is capable of making an impact in society and accomplishing whatever they set their minds to, after all Malcolm did it, why can’t you?