Recently I met a television icon actor who has produced a number of theatrical productions highlighting African Americans who were very important to American History, but have often been referred to as “footnotes” in American History.  The icon actor spoke of Mary Bowser, an educated slave who could read and write, then later became a Civil War spy, one of the best!  Another important person, William Lee who was George Washington’s right hand man and also the five black men who accompanied John Brown in 1859. 

The participation of African Americans in American History is well documented and this icon television actor is making sure people are aware of the participation of African Americans in American History so they will not be referred to as “footnotes”.

The church shooting massacre that took place in Charleston, S.C. by a 21 year old assassin didn’t think African Americans were “footnotes”, the assassin’s thoughts reportedly stated “You (Black people) have raped our women and you have taken over the country.”

It is sad this 21 year old assassin didn’t know his own history.  A history full of documentation of white slave masters raping their black women slaves, a history of whites torturing blacks to seek power and financial gains many times at the expense of a black man’s idea or creation.

A 21 year old white male has his history all twisted!  Who is at fault?  Nine innocent people lost their lives because of a twisted minded 21 year old boy who did not know his history!

We continue to pray for the families who lost love ones in Charleston, S.C., we pray for Mother Emmanuel’s congregation, and the community of Charleston, S.C.  God bless America!