Harvest Time!

Autumn colors, October Harvest Festivals, the sport fan's favorite time of year with four major sports in season and to top it off, the prime time Cannabis season!  Yes, indeed the end of October is a beautiful time of the year especially in Northern California!

It's no secret that California produces some of the best outdoor cannabis in the world.  With the knowledge and years of experience Cannabis farmers make their crops available to the cannabis industry and yes even the neighborhood dealers to supply the millions and millions of cannabis consumers.

During this time of year, the cannabis industry is flooded with excellent strains and varieties of cannabis. This is also one of the best times of the year to attend a Cannabis Cup competition because of prime time "harvest time"!

Cannabis buyers need to be sharp during this time of year too.  There are many products on the market with a great visual look, but the potency maybe lacking on the THC or CBD levels. Don't settle during this time of year, you can definitely find the best of the best of the strains you prefer during "harvest time"!

 Cannabis buyers also need to be aware of the farmers trying to sell a lower grade of cannabis for a higher rate.  Remember, the plant's value hasn't been determined, so a farmer can make their own prices...This is a cut throat industry!  It is in the Cannabis buyer's best interest to know the source where the cannabis was grown.  Do not pay a high price for grade B or C grade of cannabis...The farmer can almost GIVE it away! 

As a Cannabis buyer know the market, test all products before purchase, make sure all weight is proper and seal  the transaction with an old fashioned "handshake"!

Enjoy Harvest Season!