The Disillusion of the Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry is creating several ways for people to generate new ideas, create new products, develop or tweak services and make large sums of cash.  With all these ways to venture into the Cannabis industry, one must be careful to investigate the many new start-up businesses in the Cannabis industry.  

A primary hub for the new Cannabis related start-up businesses are the Cannabis Business expos which are becoming more popular, more often and more places...major cities.  The expos offer an inside look of the fast growing Cannabis industry.  You can learn how to venture into the Cannabis industry in a number of different ways, improve existing methods with products, packaging, and obtain a wealth of knowledge through the workshops and seminars offered at the expos.

It is interesting to discover how many of the exhibitors of these start-ups at the expos are using tactics to assure instant success with their products by attaching a high profile name or celebrity status name to the product.  Many of these individuals are looking for investors to purchase licensing to sell or distribute the products with the celebrity name attached to it.   This can be a very expensive investment!

Purple Haze Properties has been one of the start-up companies in the Cannabis industry looking to make big bucks using the name and images of Jimmi Hendrix.  Purple Haze Properties has a great looking display and backdrop with delightful images of the not yet available products from Purple Haze Properties due to lack of start-up capitol.

 You have to wonder who are these types of start-ups looking to attract as investors or buyers of the licensing to sell the line of products with a celebrity name?  Is it the corporate world?  Because the licensing fees are too astronomical for individuals to purchase unless those individuals are of the same status quo financially.

There are many Cannabis Reform organizations fighting to make sure corporations don't try to monopolize the industry while destroying pioneers of the industry who have made this a way of living for years!

Tommy Chong, Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Jimmi Hendrix, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson, and Cheech Marin are primary names most start-ups are trying to attach their products or services offered to assure instant success in the Cannabis industry.  Although this is a smart tactic to approach for success, there are other ways to obtain  the same success by creating  great products and providing awesome services to the consumer with a strategic marketing plan!  Make your products and services commercial and attractive enough for the heavy hitters such as the Tommy Chong's & Snoop Dogg's  companies to want to contract your company to be apart of their empire!

Salute goes to Tommy Chong and Snoop Dogg for launching their Cannabis media sites and other aspects of their Cannabis industry products so the existing Cannabis businesses will become more visible by advertising mainstream with Cannabis related media companies instead of being in the closet!

The Cannabis industry is growing and changing rapidly...Don't MISS your opportunity to get in and fit in NOW!