A Cannabis Conversation with Los Angeles Police Officers

You never know who you just may have lunch with on a sunny day in Southern California when dining outside on the patio at a local eatery.  Today, I had an unexpected lunch with two Los Angeles Police Officers and it was cannamazing! The conversation was definitely about the cannabis industry in Los Angeles.  Our conversation could have lasted for hours on end, but of course the officers received a work related call that ended our cannamazing conversation.  Let me share just a bit of our conversation piece in this blog...

While waiting for my car to be serviced at a local garage near the USC campus, I decided to have lunch at one of the eateries on Figueroa Blvd. With such a beautiful day in So Cal, I decided to dine on the patio. Minutes after I had sat down, two police officers came out to the patio to dine also.  The two officers needed seating, so I suggested a table for two next to me.  I was wearing a Cannabis Talk Show LIVE tee shirt proudly as I ate my cannamazing salad!  The officers had sat down and started to enjoy their lunch as well... All of a sudden, I broke the grub session and intervened with a question to the police officers.  My question to the officers, " Since the cannabis movements towards legalization, do you think crime has decreased or increased in Los Angeles?  The response from the officers did surprise me... The common answer from both officers was that it depends on the geographical areas of Los Angeles.  For almost an hour we enjoyed a lengthy conversation about the cannabis industry in Los Angeles.  The officers shared some cannamazing information with me, so the next time you have the opportunity to have a candid conversation with law enforcement, DO NOT HESITATE, as a matter of fact, start the conversation and just let it flow... Oh yeah, DO NOT FORGET TO let law enforcement know your APPRECIATION for their work to PROTECT and SERVE!

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