Another Country Adopts Medical Cannabis -Denmark

By January 1, 2018, medical marijuana will be allowed to be sold legally in Denmark. The Parliament supported the decision to allow it, and they are even talking about allowing people to grow marijuana in Denmark.

About 13 companies have sought for permission from Lægemiddelstyrelsen, the medicines authority to grow marijuana although parliament has not yet approved it. It seems to be the beginning of a new era although we are still far from talking about people growing their own Indica plant.

The spokesperson for Dansk Folkeparti regarding health issues, Liselott Brix told DR Nyheder that marijuana is quite expensive but when companies are allowed to grow it in Denmark, the price will come down.

There will be a four-year trial period for the legalization of marijuana to evaluate things. About 22 million kroner has been budgeted for this. After the four-year trial period, a decision will be taken on whether to make the legalization permanent or not.

Lars Tomassen, the head of Danish Cannabis which is one of the companies that have applied to grow medical marijuana explained that when companies are allowed to grow marijuana, the price will come down. He said that every patient spends about 2000-6000 kroner monthly to get medical marijuana treatments but this price will go down by at least half in the future.

Lars Tomassen explained that the major goal is to help people get better treatments and get free from sicknesses before making profits. This will help to save a lot of lives and ease the suffering of others. Companies are already getting prepared for 2018 and hopefully a lot of patients will benefit from this.


Article By Robert Hackmann