How To Love A Republican

During an election year, Jerry Mayer picked the perfect time to release his ninth theatrical production, How To Love A Republican which premiered at the Santa Monica Playhouse in Santa Monica, California on Saturday, October 1, 2016 for a lengthy run through December. Sunday matinee starts at 3 p.m. at the cozy 56 year old Cannamazing theater!

How To Love A Republican is a five member cast production about a Catholic Republican husband, Tim McCoy (Dan Gilvezan) his loyal Democratic wife, Ruth McCoy (Rachel Galper) their single undeclared political party daughter, Margie McCoy (Elizabeth Ellson) and two political candidates one, a Democrat, Lenny Klein (Adam Mondschein) the other Republican, Mark Bliss (Matthew Wrather).

Margie is the perfect devoted daughter to her parents who have been married since their college days, but have had division in the bedroom over the years during election time.  Margie has always witnessed the verbal arguments about politics and developed a very anti-political attitude in her own way.  Margie who owns a condominium has to move back home for a few days while contractors work on her condo.

It just so happens to be election time, so her parents are in political battle mode while sleeping in separate bedrooms. 

Tim supports Republican, Mark Bliss while of course Ruth supports Democratic candidate, Lenny Klein.  

Well, the plot thickens as the parents try to persuade Margie to join their perspective political party by introducing her to each candidate.

Margie makes it clear she is not interested in politics because of the arguments she witnessed from her parents over the years.  She actually dates both candidates and has history with Lenny from her childhood summer camp days.  Spending time with both candidates gave Margie an eye opening vision about politics!  

Lenny Klein is an all-american guy who loves sports and Dodger dogs! His counterpart, Mark Bliss likes theater and lobster!  One of the candidates has a deep dark secret that he reveals to Margie... Which guy will win Margie's heart? 

Jerry Mayer does an excellent job referring to wars through politics and refers to a number of presidents actions during the 90 minute comedy.  The comic relief throughout the production keeps it fresh and moving without any stale moments.

There were several bomb shells during the theatrical production, but none more shocking than when Margie announces she is NOT a registered voter plus she is enlisting in the Army!

What happens after that YOU must go see yourself at the Santa Monica Playhouse in Santa Monica, California.

How To Love A Republican was directed by Chris DeCarlo.  Chris has directed 5 previous plays by Jerry Mayer.  Chris did a Cannamazing job on number 6 for Jerry!

Thumbs up for How To Love A Republican!  The cast was fabulous!

You will enjoy it!

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