Top California Color Blind Cannabis Businesses To Support

Stereotypes have always played significant roles in society whether it's an individual, organization, culture, financially, demographically and of course socially.  Most stereotypes reflect indirect assumptions.  It is Cannamazing to meet individuals and companies that do not display any stereotypical attitudes when doing business especially in the Cannabis Industry!

The Cannabis Talk Show LIVE crew thought we would share some Cannamazing businesses, organizations and services in the Cannabis Industry that are color blind and stereotype free ; when 'doin' business'.  Check out our Cannamazing California list:

Aldridge Medical Care


Can I Liv Foundation

Cannabis Minority Alliance

Cannabis World Congress Business Expo

Chronic Candy

Clean Healing

Dank Tank

Dr. Eidelman, M.D.

Flow Kana

Harborside Health Center

Heavens Herb & Wellness

Holistic Health Service


La Brea Collective

Law Office of Bruce Margolin

Lionz Share

Marijuana Business Conference & Expo

Ma Gooch

MED ePen

Merry Jane

Sensi Chew


State of Marijuana

Swami Select


** We have a complete list of Master Cultivators & Farms, but we DO NOT want to expose them for protective reasons!**

Support the businesses and organizations on this list!

Let's see how the list grows with more friendly Cannabis outlets and services for the community to patronize with Cannamazing PLEASURE & SAFE ACCESS!

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