Greek Theater to Re-Open After the Fire!

The Greek Theater is scheduled to re-open Friday, October 2, 2015 after the theater burned down to the ground leaving radiant burning ashes on Sunday, September 27th when the Catch A Fire Tour raged into Los Angeles, California.  The theater has some major reconstructive issues  since the superstar artists and musicians BURNT the 5,870 seat amphitheater down with a five hour and thirty minute reggae jam-rocking dynamite show for the nearly sold out reggae music lovers!

Headlining this explosive entertaining Catch A Fire Tour was Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley and his brother, Stephen  "Ragga" Marley plus superstars, Tarrus Riley, Morgan Heritage, newcomer Jo Mersa and introducing Skip Marley, Bob Marley's grandson and Cedella Marley's son.  

There were also other glimpses of young baby Marleys feeling the vibes displaying their dancing moves and rhythms of their native music and family legend spreading reggae music to the world.

The entire Catch A Fire show was CANNAMAZING!  Every performer, musician, background vocalists, DJ, dancers, and production crew were outstanding with an over whelming crowd appreciation yearning for MORE even after a five hour and thirty minute entertaining show!

Stephen 'Ragga" Marley displayed his veteran creativity and showmanship while always oozing his energy of spirit, love and unity to all connected with him both on stage and in the audience.  Stephen sang songs of his legendary father while accenting the show with some of his own melodies.  His young children were CANNAMAZING dancers on stage enjoying the pleasing energy from the crowd!

Stephen introduced his nephew, Skip Marley as a young lion ready to roar and soar!

Skip Marley, a tall slender, easy on the eyes looking young lion with beautiful healthy black coal dreadlocks performed one song with confidence and swagger.  Skip was definitely a crowd pleaser!  Reggae music lovers recognize the future is radiant, bright and talented with Skip Marley.

It was just after 9:00 p.m. when Damian "Jr. Gong"  Marley began his ninety minute non-stop, high energy jam rocking session delighting the crowd with his tall, lean build.  He wore a white hemp - like slim fitting shirt with blue jeans and tan moccasins.  His long beautiful dreadlocks nearly touching his ankles were tied back in a Rapunzel like ponytail.  The high energy Jr. Gong displayed for the ninety minute session was unbelievably appreciated by his fans and left the reggae lovers only dates to ponder when the next Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley tour will begin?

Although the entire Catch A Fire show was Cannamazing, there were a couple of memorable highlights for the audience to cherish.  One highlight of the show featured Stephen joining Damian on stage showing their brotherly LOVE, collaborations and production creativity performing a number of songs together.  

Another major highlight happened towards the show's conclusion Stephen invited all the artist on stage and they performed the Bob Marley tune, Could You Be Loved.

As long as LIFE new birth exists, the Marley legend will LIVE ON for eternity!  There are not too many infinite legendary families in our world, so it's very important to appreciate the generations of LOVE music being created, produced and shared by the Marley Family.

Well the nearly sold out crowd embraced the Catch A Fire show with over whelming joy and delight!  The next reggae explosion tour is already highly anticipated by these reggae lovers in attendance at this Nederlander Concert Series held at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, California.  Thumbs up, Nederlander!

The Greek Theater will re-open the doors on Friday, October 2, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. with another shoe stomping concert the Thievery Corporation with Cypress Hill.

View pictures of the Catch A Fire Los Angeles, CA show on the Cannabis Talk Show LIVE Facebook site.