Cannabis/Marijuana in the Church

With the rise of the Cannabis/Marijuana industry across the country, it remains to be known how the traditional church will approach the fast growing business and the enormous amounts of products derived from cannabis.  It is a fact that there are enough common every day products, foods, beverages, medicated creams, ointments, suppositories, sexual enhancers and many other products  made with cannabis to open a Cannabis Retail General Store.  Of course, where there is retail market, a wholesale market is prominent too!

Cannabis/Marijuana users are also church goers, so it only makes sense for the church to engage in conversations about this amazing plant.  There is enough medical information to validate the positive effects of cannabis/marijuana when used to treat over 150 ailments to the human body without causing any organ damage to any other parts of the body and brain.

Cannabis/Marijuana has transcended in a major way although it has been on earth from the BEGINNING created by the Master Creator!  Will the church transcend?  It's time...!