Wow, it's been six months since Cannabis Talk Show LIVE aired on the internet.  The CTS LIVE crew has learned many things during the six month production.  Since we have worked out the kinks, our productions have wings now.  After evaluating the quality of the production, we decided to make the shows shorter in length.  CTS LIVE shows will be 10 - 30 minutes in length with extended length shows up to two hours depending on the topic of conversation and content of the show.

CTS LIVE will continue to create a quality production with "icy hot" topics and professional guest(s) to provide our viewers with excellent information and facts.  The CTS LIVE Blog will be the platform to write about various topics or just to send YOU an uplifting message.

CTS LIVE will be a platform for new artists to showcase their talents too, so come play"LIVE" on a show or send us your video or demo and let Cannabis Talk Show LIVE expose YOU to the world!

Our goal is to become one of the premier media production companies in the Cannabis industry.  CTS LIVE supports ALL Cannabis media production companies.  Whether you are producing an educational, informative and entertaining show or a wild party animal show...CTS LIVE respects your efforts!  It is important to continue the conversations and dialogue of the Cannabis industry in order for the words to spread wide and far.  CTS LIVE has reached out to several individuals in the Cannabis media industry in order to collaborate or cross promote each other, but to date nobody has responded to our offers. 

Observing the Cannabis industry thoroughly for the past few years, it's apparent the industry is a very cut throat type of industry.  The Cannabis industry media doesn't have to follow suit by becoming cut throat.  The media companies should encourage other media outlets to continue to produce shows for the public to learn, prosper and enjoy the wonderful plant!

CTS LIVE will provide new shows every four weeks for public viewing.  CTS LIVE will also provide venues for networking social gatherings in order to engage in Cannabis related conversations and share business ideas and services to all in attendance.

In order to attend a CTS LIVE event, contact your local collective, clinic or a CTS LIVE sponsor for a ticket to attend the 'Invite only' events and "LIVE" taping of Cannabis Talk Show LIVE (CTS LIVE).

The CTS LIVE crew APPRECIATES your continued SUPPORT!

Cannabis Talk Show LIVE so ORGANIC so ORIGINAL!