Fast Forward 2026...Letter to Grandma

Dear Grandma,

Since I was 5 years old I've asked you about my parents, but you always become sad, shake your head then say nothing.  Well, Grandma, I'm 10 years old now...Please don't get upset with me, but I found my birth certificate in your " Special Papers" box.  I saw the names of my parents on the birth certificate then I decided to research the names on my laptop and I discovered some horrible information about the people named as my parents!  They hurt innocent people!  Is this why we moved from Redlands, California when I was five years old about to start kindergarten at a new school?

Grandma now I know why you always kept quiet and shook your head when I asked about my mother and father.  Grandma you have always taught me to be nice to people and love them...

My parents were bad people, Grandma!  I don't want their names on my birth certificate...I don't want to be like them!  Please Grandma, can we remove their names from my birth certificate?  Can I choose not to acknowledge them as my parents?  I want to spread kindness, joy, love and happiness to people as you have shown me. 

Please Grandma help me CHANGE my birth certificate...REMOVE those HATE filled names from my birth certificate.  I never want to be associated with those names and their HATE!

Thank you Grandma for loving me and teaching me how to LOVE! Thank you for giving me the nickname, Lovely!

Grandma, I want to win the Nobel Peace Prize someday!

Your Granddaughter,


May 2026