Legalization a Year Away For California & Other States!

Primary Election Date:  Tuesday, November 8, 2016...

Patience is VIRTUE! We need to get all the logistics figured out or at least portray that we have a definite worldly model everyone can tolerate because there will always be the unbelievers in the plant! 
There are many, many concerns...So many positives are developing during this legalization process!
It is so IMPORTANT that people receive healthy safe flowers and healthy safe bi-products of this magnificent plant.
For the children, teens under 21, it's a huge concern for many parents, and others in the communities.
I have interviewed so many parents (Caucasians) that resist legalization because of a personal experience with their children and even with themselves during their youth/teen years!
The African American & Latino Hispanic families have endured many many years of anguish and suffering to their love ones, so you can understand their stand on the legalization movement.

It is already a huge disparity in the Cannabis industry of POWER & CONTROL!  The sad part of this situation is that very little is being spoken about the issue... This MUST CHANGE ASAP!

Cannabis Talk Show LIVE will definitely become more vocal about the disparity in the Cannabis industry in order to assure CHANGE!

If we don't talk about it NOW...It gets buried under a lot of $$$$!

Let's start the conversations... Let your prejudices and your EGOS DISAPPEAR! 
Oh yes, we can see through the FAKENESS... 

As my big brother tells me all the time, "Don't fall for the okidoke"!

Let's start the conversations... California and other states are 12 months away from this date to VOTE on the Cannabis/Marijuana Legalization.

If you guys don't think that the African Americans & the Latino/Hispanic VOTES matter then I can almost PROMISE you California WILL NOT PASS on November 8, 2016!

Koreans, Asians, Russians, Armenians, Italians and every other (what's the word AMERICA terms it... Oh yeah, MINORITY Groups) and Native Americans, I haven't forgotten about YOU... Don't let the Legalization Movement forget YOU!

Again, I say...Let's start the conversations!